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What is SMART Public Lighting?

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Environmentally friendly solutions that require no power from the grid

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Aesthetically pleasing innovative and technical functionality

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Can be installed
where power is
not available

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Dependable performance through electricity blackouts & brownouts

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Advanced innovation that intelligently reacts to it’s surrounding environment

The Leadsun Difference

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Fast Turn-key Service

SMART public solar lighting solutions that are easy to install mean disruption-free, incredibly fast project turnaround times

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The Industry Pioneer

World leader since 2005 in delivering innovative, smart solar lighting systems that have revolutionised the industry

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Huge Cost Savings

SMART public solar lighting solutions that need no in-ground cabling or work crews, providing huge economic advantages

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Dependable Performance

Longer lasting lithium-ion batteries provide maximum performance, reliability and are proven to last well over 10 years

Extending community access

Fast installation in any location

Robust with dependable performance

Increasing safety in communities

SMART solar public lighting applications

Shared Pathways
Pathways designed to cater for a range of activities such as recreational walkers, joggers, commuters or cyclists.

Recreation Reserves

SMART public lighting for a range of recreation reserve assets such as sporting facilities, clubrooms, playgrounds, skate parks, outdoor gyms and more.

Car Parks

Greater visibility and safety in car parks connected to recreational facilities, public transport hubs, council assets and more.

Road Lighting
Dependable street lighting solutions that provide greater vehicle and pedestrian visibility and reduces road safety risks

Our Product Range

Local government and commercial smart public lighting specialists

As community and commercial smart public lighting specialists working with trusted local government and corporate partners since 2005, we are industry leaders in the provision of efficient, smart public lighting solutions that have enhanced the safety of communities across Australia and the world. We proudly provide our partners with robust, innovative solar lighting technology solutions as well as huge environmental, budget and project efficiency advantages through our fast, easy-to-install solar lighting systems.

Shine a Light Educational Series

PART 1: Public lighting for social, economic and environmental benefits

Everyone deserves the opportunity to move about their community at night and fully participate in society, just as they would during the day.

Public lighting for social, economic and environmental benefits is part 1 of the Shine a Light educational series and introduces the need for good public lighting to support many positive outcomes including safety, accessibility and equity.

This is an evidence-based research report, independently conducted by Victoria Walks & Webb Australia.

Download your free copy to help support grant applications, inform policy, and most importantly, build an equitable society!

Tell us how we can light up your next project

How our projects have enhanced communities

Whether it’s lowering the incidences of crime in poorly lit community spaces, or lighting up a a newly built recreational reserve, we love reflecting on each job knowing that in some small way we have made a difference! We are extremely proud of the positive impact we have on local communities and we’d like to share with you some of our most recent projects.  

What our clients say

“We are not disturbing or contaminating, so it is a really good option for us. We have the EZYpole which is the winch pole without having to bring a Cherry Picker. Just by lowering the pole from the ground saved us a lot of money. It was a no-brainer to put these lights in here and the fact that was done in one day made it even better”

Maribyrnong City Council

Angliss Reserve Car Park

“The increased lighting is a very welcome addition to this popular walkway and I know locals are looking forward to feeling safer when walking along the path at night.”

Snowy Monaro Regional Council

Cooma Creek Shared Pathway

“The solar lighting project was successfully completed with lighting levels throughout the park high enough to ensure that all pathways and car park areas are safe for the public to use at night without the fear of crime.”

Maribyrnong City Council

Skinner Reserve Precinct

“One of the many Green initiatives at this year’s Australian Open. Replacing traditional lighting with temporary Smart Solar Powered LED lights, improving the quality and level of lighting and chipping away at becoming a more environmentally sustainable event.”

Tennis Australia

Grand Slam Oval & Activation Area

“The team at Leadsun delivered an urgent quote and followed through with the completed project in a timely and professional manner with quality components. I found Leadsun trustworthy and thorough and the end result was everything we hoped for and some. The whole community are loving the lights along the trail, it’s so great, it truly is!”

The Bass Coast Council

Rail Trail Illumination Project

“This solar lighting solution will operate at full brightness from Dusk to Dawn and allows commuters and patrons the convenience of an easy accessible and safe passage to and from this car park. This cost effective lighting solution has not only eased the traffic congestion for the community but it is a sustainable win for all.”

Penrith City Council

North Street Car Park

“Our residents at Tarneit Skies Retirement Village love the new Freedom Street Lights. They have transformed a dark spot at night to a safer and welcoming place”

James Xu, CAPEX Manager, Stockland

Tarneit Skies Retirement Village

I went to visit the site last night, and I didn’t think you would have turned around the job so quickly with the current lockdown. But you have and it looks great. Really happy, plenty of light and the site is lit up well for oncoming traffic and the project has run very smoothly. Very Happy.

Project Banyule City Council

Plenty River Drive Pedestrian Crossing