Well Street Car Park, Brighton

Smart grid-free lighting provides families with safe access to cars during hours of darkness


Bayside City Council

Lighting Compliance

AS/NZS 1158.3.1 PC2

Updated high-tech car park required lighting to match

Bayside City Council recently improved parking in meticulous Well Street, Brighton, with advanced infrastructure including sensor communications. The busy car park, popular with families and empty nesters visiting near-by cafes, boutique shopping, the beach and schools, required safe and secure access during hours of darkness.

Poor illumination, inadequate for CCTV, creates poor sense of security

The existing car park lighting was unable to provide the level of illumination required for CCTV monitoring, visibility and for creating a sense of safety and security. It was also difficult for pedestrians to find cars, navigate objects and for drivers to see them. In addition Bayside City Council wanted a solution that would minimise energy costs.

Smart lighting with adaptive operation creates an evening friendly environment

Bayside City Council employed Leadsun’s specialist solutions consultants to evaluate the situation and chose to install 15 smart grid-free solar car park lights. The lights are programmed to illuminate to 100% brightness from dusk for 5 hours then, dim to 20% until dawn. Using the programmable PIR sensors, during the dim mode, the lights automatically increase to 100% brightness for 30 seconds when movement is detected. This enhances car park users’ sense of safety and well-being. To maintain the attractiveness of the area, Council was reluctant to trim trees however Leadsun’s design managed to minimise the impact on them.

Cost effective, grid-free and efficient installation

  • Nuanced lighting avoided over illuminating the car park.
  • Creates a safe and comfortable visual experience.
  • EDGE allows easy web-based controls and monitoring of the lights.
  • Saves energy and costs.

Neighbourhood sensitive lighting enhances up-market location

Bayside City Council’s chosen car park lighting solution with multiple-source layered lighting provides nuanced illumination for the car park, without shadows and glare. This approach has been found to create the greatest sense of security and wellbeing.

Leadsun System

  • AE3 and AE6 Smart solar street lights
  • Solar Module size 130W
  • LED output 15W
  • Lithium-ion batteries
  • 6.5m hot dipped galvanized, lowerable poles

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