Telstra Global Operations Centre

Popular exercise parks now night-time friendly with sustainable smart solar lighting, installed quickly without excavation



Lighting Compliance

AS/NZS 1158.3.1 P3/P11C

New pocket park had great facilities but no lighting

Telstra’s Global Operation Centre is a critical piece of Australia’s national communicationinfrastructure operating 24/7 every day of the year. In 2017, a new outdoor pocket park was constructed featuring a walking track, exercise nodes and rest areas which needed illumination to accommodate the needs of night staff.

Telstra wanted to create a safe exercise space for night-shift workers

The newly built pocket park is an essential area for the Centre’s staff to safely and easily access for rest or exercise during the breaks. With operations at all hours, Telstra’s Management wanted to create a safe space for staff to use throughout the evening.

Solar lights provide sustainable illumination and avoid trenching

Being a nerve centre of Australia’s leading Telecommunications provider, Telstra management wanted a sustainable lighting solution that aligns with their carbon-neutral goals. However, it was also essential the lighting complied with relevant lighting standards to ensure safe usage for their staff.

With critically important underground telecommunications services throughout the site, Telstra were concerned excavation works could cause damage to their infrastructure. A reliable solar powered solution was therefore the perfect choice, to illuminate the area, as it required none of the trenching and disruption needed for traditional electric grid-powered lighting.

Leadsun provided an engineered solution including three poles with ‘back to back’ LED lights with outreach arms to each illuminate two sections of pathway and minimise.

Leadsun System

  • AE3 Solar Engines
  • Solar Module Size = 80W
  • LED output = 10W with adaptive lighting (30%)
  • Lithium-ion batteries = 380 Wh
  • P Category Lighting Compliance = P2/P4

Grid-free lights with double luminaires, minimising excavations, chosen by Telstra

1. Lighting compliant with the required standards.

2. The need for major excavation works was eliminated, protecting the valuable underground infrastructure.

3. Outreach arms and dual luminaires suited the park, reducing pole numbers and illuminate two adjoining sections.

Evening friendly park created with low environmental impact

1. Valuable new pocket park made evening friendly.

2. Night-shift workers now also benefit from the great facilities.

3. Solar powered solution, saves energy and reduced the environmental impact.

Full installation was completed within only 3 days and with minimal disruption to the area, allowing staff to continue using the pocket park. Telstra’s Facility Management appreciated not only the speed of installation and the minimal impact to the environment, as there was no need for excavation or trenching etc., but also the fact that all works were completed safely at ground level without need of elevating work platforms etc. Thanks to the Leadsun’s lowerable poles used.

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