Soldiers Reserve Car Park Werribee

Wyndham City Council improves safety and security in Soldier’s Reserve with SMART solar lights


Wyndham City Council

Lighting Compliance

AS/NZS 1158.3.1 PC3

Lack of lighting created environment for anti-social behaviour

Soldier’s Reserve in Werribee is home to the Werribee Districts Football Club, and is a popular recreation area for the community. Previously, there was no lighting at all in the car park or the team’s clubhouse. With residents and club visitors expressing concern over an increasing amount of anti-social behaviour – including loitering – Wyndham City Council engaged solar company Suntrix for advice, who subsequently invited Leadsun to design a lighting solution.

Safety around clubhouse and car park a particular concern

Concerns expressed by residents and club visitors revolved around people congregating in the car park, especially in the evening. They wanted a safer environment when the club rooms were used at night. The first logical step for Council was to look at carpark lighting as a deterrent to the anti-social behaviour. The main goal being to provide a safer and more evening-friendly environment for those visiting the clubhouse as well as the general public using the reserve at night.

Council sees clear advantages of Leadsun’s grid-free, sustainable lighting

Having previously employed Leadsun’s solutions, Wyndham City Council were aware of the distinct advantages of Leadsun’s grid-free, sustainable lighting – including quick and easy installation, minimal disruption to the area and significant cost and environmental benefits. The lights are also safe, sustainable and dependable, require minimal ongoing maintenance and are not susceptible to blackout or brownout (the latter being a damaging drop in voltage in the electrical supply), as might occur with traditional grid lighting. Also, through re-engaging Leadsun, the Council could enjoy ongoing after-sales support.

Leadsun lights create an evening-friendly football club

Leadsun’s lighting team designed an innovative, SMART solar-powered solution for the car park lighting that includes an additional luminaire mounted on a wall at the rear of the club rooms. This light illuminates an area where a dumpster is located and provides a further deterrent to anti-social behaviour around the clubhouse.

Tree shading and root protection achieved with innovative solutions

To overcome shading from tree foliage, master/slave systems were employed. These comprise a light, located in the open with good solar exposure, fitted with a higher capacity solar panel, which power both its own luminaire and slave light, via safe low-voltage trenched cable. 

The light’s footings were kept outside the dripline of tree canopies, to eliminate any tree root damage, using outreach arms to extend the light head to the car park boundaries whilst also ensuring compliance with Australian lighting standards. The integrated EDGE Wireless Remote Control allows for easy off-site control and monitoring of the lights. Finally, light shields were added to systems installed near neighbouring properties to eliminate any light spill. 

Leadsun’s lighting now illuminates all areas of the Werribee Districts Football Club in Soldier’s Reserve, helping discourage anti-social behaviour and improving safety for local residents, club members and the community as a whole.

Leadsun Solution

  • AE3 and AE6 solar lights
  • EZYlift lowerable poles, hot dipped galvanized, Solar Module Size 768Wh 130W and 308Wh 55W
  • LED output 10W
  • AS/NZS 1158.3.1 Lighting Compliance – PC3
  • System operation: Dusk to Dawn
  • Autonomy: Full operation power storage for low solar exposure days e.g. cloudy days
  • Asymmetrical light distribution and inbuilt PIR sensors
  • EDGE Wireless Remote Control

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