Narellan Urban Forest Pathway

Narellan Urban Forest Pathway and Picnic Shelter Lighting


Camden Council NSW

Lighting Compliance

AS/NZS 1158.3.1 P3

Project Overview

In consultation with the Camden Local Area Command, the council acquired a Crime Prevention Grant seeking a lighting solution that would deter loitering, reduce vandalism and give safe passage for local residents along a 150m stretch of pathway in the Urban Forest, Narellan.

In late 2018 Camden Council appointed Leadsun Australia to undertake the supply and installation of Solar Lighting along a 150m stretch of their Urban Forest, Narellan.

Leadsun Solution

  • 5 x AE3 Series 80W stand-alone solar lights
  • 10W LED Maximum output power (Dusk to Dawn operation)
  • 5W LED Link Lights (Shelters)
  • Adaptive lighting control automatically dims lights to 30% during inactivity
  • Lithium-ion batteries provides 10+ years maintenance-free life span
  • Future proofed with built-in wireless control and monitoring system

Upon completion of the site survey it was determined that 5x Freestanding Solar Lights (10w LED) would be placed at 30m centres along the pathway. This project also included the illumination of their 3x Picnic Shelters featuring 5w Link lights. These Link lights were affixed to the Shelter’s Fascia and powered via remote solar engines circuited to each of the Structures. The Uniformity is very good with no ‘black’ spots within the path network.

The Urban Forest features a unique light timing sequence where the lights dim down to 30% brightness after
5 hours from dusk. From there the lighting is then operated by Motion Detector (PIR) until dawn.

Since installing this SMART Public Lighting solution, measured vandalism is down and the locals are very happy  as they are feeling safer when walking to and from their local shopping precinct.”

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