Berwick Springs Wetlands Reserve

Berwick Springs Wetlands Reserve Lighting Solution


City of Casey

Lighting Compliance

AS/NZS 1158.3.1 P3/P5

Project Overview

City of Casey identified the need to add a lighting solution to the Ti Tree pathway which is a very popular 1.3km pathway in Berwick Springs Wetlands Reserve. The council wanted to extend access hours to the pathway and provide a safe and inviting environment for the walkers, joggers and cyclists that use it.

Ti Tree pathway is a 1.3km pathway highly used by walkers, joggers and cyclists, surrounded by a dense population of one of the newer suburbs of Berwick Springs. The council’s objective was to provide a safe environment for the community at all hours of the day, whilst making sure there was no impact on the power grid.

Leadsun Solution

  • 41 AE3- 55W stand-alone solar lights
  • 10W LED light heads
  • Adaptive lighting control automatically dims lights to 30% during inactivity
  • Lithium-ion batteries provide 10+ years maintenance-free life span
  • Lowerable poles allows cost-effective servicing safely from ground level
  • Future proofed with built-in wireless control and monitoring system

A total of 41 stand-alone solar lights along the track has provided uniform, well illuminated lighting and all lights are wirelessly linked together with Leadsun EDGE.  This 4G web based control system enables lighting control flexibility for night and morning users, while technically providing health check data of each individual stand-alone light, solar panel and battery for City of Casey to assess and control.

Further to this, as there is no in-ground cabling required the installation process was extremely fast and was non-disruptive to both the environment and the local community who continued to use the pathway while installation was underway.

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