Partingtons Flat Reserve, Greensborough

AUSNET choose SMART solar lights to upgrade aging grid powered lights


City of Banyule and AusNet Services

Lighting Compliance

AS/NZS 1158.3.1 PP4

Outdated lights at popular reserve reach end-of-life

Partingtons Flat Reserve in Greensborough, Victoria features beautiful bushland with recreational facilities, sports grounds and over 3kms of illuminated pathways. Due to constant outages and costly repairs of the existing mains powered lighting network, AusNet Services engaged Leadsun Australia to provide specialist advice and solutions to convert existing lighting from grid powered, to grid-free solar powered.

Not cost effective or practical to continually repair nor install new

The existing public lighting system has 26 light poles and was installed over 40 years ago by the old SEC Victoria. It was connected directly to the electricity grid and used un-metered power. Investigations found the existing underground conduit and wiring system to be too shallow in most parts, and not compliant to AS/NZS 3000 wiring rules. It was also damaged by tree roots and ground movement and in a poor state of disrepair.

AusNet Services was left with a decision of either having to continually repair ongoing wiring issues; completely decommission the existing underground wiring infrastructure and installing a new one; or adopt a grid-free solar powered lighting solution.

Off-grid solar lights provide a simpler, reliable, cost-effective solution

Due to the hilly terrain, vast tree root systems and tight access in many parts of the reserve, it was deemed far too destructive and cost-prohibitive for AusNet Services to excavate trenching and install new wiring throughout the 3kms of pathway network. A decision was therefore made to disconnect the existing electric power from the grid, and to adopt solar lighting technologies as the preferred alternative.

Existing poles and conduit plus new Leadsun lights powered from Leadsun’s grid-free solar engines

Leadsun’s engineering team designed an innovative solar powered solution comprising of six 390W solar engines installed in locations where there was optimal solar exposure. The solution utilises most of the existing underground conduits for the new and safe Extra-Low Voltage DC wiring. It was fully upgraded and installed in 2 weeks, with minimal disruption to the public using the pathway. The Grid-Free solar powered conversion delivered the client significant savings compared to re-installing traditional mains powered wiring throughout the site.

Additionally, the existing AusNet Services lighting poles were able to be reused and their old light fixtures replaced with Leadsun’s new modern SMART led lights featuring wireless web-based control & monitoring along with PIR motion sensors that automatically dim the lights when there is no movement detected. The new lights feature warm 3000K colour LEDs and are Dark Sky approved meaning they limit the effects of sky-glow and obtrusive glare into nearby residential properties and the nocturnal wild life.

Leadsun System

  • AE6 390W Solar Engines with built-in Lithium Batteries
  • EZYwinch Heavy Duty Lowerable poles
  • Freedom 10W, 3000K LED SMART lights Dark Sky Certified 
  • AS/NZS 1158.3.1 Lighting Compliance – PP4

Our Residents have been wanting this magnificent park to be well used for many years and being nobody’s fault, our community has been restricted, however through persistence and time we were able to provide the solution that is natural energy powered by the SUN. Thank You AUSNET and Leadsun for the great teamwork that has made this possible.

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