Norman Street Laneway lighting

Banyule City Council brightens dark laneway and improves train commuter safety


Banyule City Council

Lighting Compliance

AS158.3.1 P3

Project Overview

A laneway off Norman Street in the Melbourne suburb of Ivanhoe provides a direct pedestrian route between the train station and the local shopping precinct. A custom-designed solar lighting solution by Leadsun radically transformed this busy thoroughfare

Over the years, the number of pedestrians and cyclists using the Norman Street laneway as a shortcut between the Ivanhoe shops and public transport services has increased. As a result, vehicles that use the laneway to access residential garages and properties encounter foot and bike traffic more frequently, thus raising safety concerns at night when the dark laneway makes it hard to see who’s there.

An awkward location to illuminate

Banyule City Council needed to make the laneway safer and comply with AS158.3.1 P3 lighting for high-traffic suburban laneways. Yet, powered grid lighting was unfeasible due to the challenging location. Costly underground infrastructure work and obstructing access for a prolonged period were not viable. 

In contrast, Leadsun’s innovative solar lighting solution didn’t require underground cabling or significant civil works and could supply continuous P3-compliant lighting from dusk to dawn.  

Nevertheless, the narrow and heavily tree-lined laneway was a tight space. Leadsun needed to install the lighting poles and position the solar panels to capture abundant solar while simultaneously allowing safe vehicle access to private garages. 

Curved poles and steel bollard protection

Leadsun manufactured a unique curved pole to keep the seven new lighting units strictly within the public space but as close to property lines as possible.  

Leadsun carefully selected the best pole positions to provide 1) adequate space for vehicles to safely fit through, 2) optimal solar exposure to power the lights, and 3) safe illumination along the entire laneway, all while not affecting residential properties with encroaching or unsightly views of the lighting equipment. We used shields on all lights to stop glare from entering neighbouring properties.       

In addition, Leadsun installed a steel protective bollard in front of each pole to safeguard against potential vehicle impacts and prevent the poles from falling and damaging property or injuring someone.

A solar solution in just three days

To deliver a safe night-time environment, Banyule City Council faced enormous logistical and financial barriers to installing grid-powered lighting in the laneway, not to mention the long time necessary to complete such a complex project.  

Instead, Leadsun promptly installed a smart solar lighting solution in three days, with minimal disruption to residents or the public. In close consultation with Banyule City Council, Leadsun delivered a total solution for a fraction of the comparative grid lighting cost.  

We combined high-capacity AE6 solar engines with Leadsun’s LSRM asymmetric lens luminaire to provide year-round all-night illumination of the laneway to the lighting compliance standard required.

Safer laneway lighting from dusk to dawn

Banyule City Council were thrilled with the timely, economical and custom-designed solar lighting solution for laneway illumination throughout the night. We converted an almost pitch-black and hazardous laneway into a well-lit, inviting and safer thoroughfare for pedestrians and cyclists while satisfying local property owners. Drivers can now see who’s on the path ahead, and train commuters feel much safer using this direct access laneway to the station. 

Leadsun System

  • Seven AE6 solar engines and lights  
  • 10W LED (1500Lm) output 
  • 130W solar modules 
  • Curved custom poles with steel bollards 

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