Norah Head holiday park lighting

Central Coast holiday park converts grid lighting to solar lighting


Central Coast Council

Lighting Compliance


Project Overview

Leadsun worked with the Central Coast Council and Norah Head Holiday Park to install 86 solar lights throughout the park’s 2.5km internal road network. The popular park on the picturesque headland of Norah Head on NSW’s Central Coast had previously been lit with conventional cabled lighting. However, the lighting was proving inadequate, costly and unreliable

Traditional grid lighting too expensive

The park and Council had previously considered upgrading the former lighting network, but found the cost of the trenching and cabling required for conventional grid-connected lighting to be prohibitive. 

Leadsun was contracted to carry out all works for the lighting upgrade. This included design, decommissioning of the old lights, and installation and commissioning of the 86 new lights.

Solar lighting better for costs and the environment

With the solution designed and installed by Leadsun coming in at only 25% of the cost of a cabled conventional lighting scheme, solar lighting was clearly the more economical choice.

The sustainable lighting solution also aligned with Council’s recently implemented Net Zero 2030 initiative and corresponding energy-abatement programs, helping safeguard the region’s environment into the future.

Minimising disturbance to utilities and the holiday park’s 400+ caravan and camping sites

Leadsun needed to carefully consider the final positioning of the 86 light poles to avoid inconvenience to guest vehicles and minimise potential accidents or damage to the park’s more than 400 caravan and camping sites. A comprehensive underground services location survey was also carried out over 5 days to ensure no disruption to the park’s water or electrical supply. 

The installation ended up taking half the planned time, with no guest reporting being inconvenienced during the entire works program.

Always dependable – solar lights a beacon as storm blacks out region

At the final night-time inspection and handover of the lighting project to the Central Coast Council, an electrical storm came through and blacked out the entire Norah Head region. The only light remaining in the dark was that from the Leadsun street lights – almost a symbolic beacon of how solar is lighting the way into a more sustainable, dependable future for us all. 

This poetic finale to the project also cemented yet again to the Council just why solar street lights were not only the right choice when it came to cost and sustainability, but also dependability. 

Central Coast Council has already commissioned Leadsun to upgrade the lighting at their four remaining Holiday Parks. 

Leadsun system

  • AE3S55 solar modules
  • 10W LED output of PP3/PP5 category 

Meeting contractual obligations

“Light Studio 21 Pty Ltd are satisfied that the onsite illuminance measurements of both the pathway and 5 metres from the path edge, on the nominated section, at Norah Head Holiday Park, are compliant with the requirements of Australian Standard AS/NZS 1158.3.1:2020 for Category PP3 and its various Light Technical Parameters.”

Greg Hawkings – Director & Lighting Designer
MDesSc(Illumination). MIES (Aust & NZ)


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