ANSTO Car Park Lucas Heights

Off-grid solar lighting easily improved pedestrian safety and security in car parks at ANSTO facility



Lighting Compliance

AS/NZS 1158.3.1 PC3

The lack of car park lighting was unacceptable for visitors and shift workers

The ANSTO facility which also operates as a Business Park for numerous companies, including CSIRO, is a busy site with many staff and visitors. Although plenty of on-site car parking is provided, the lack of illuminations was causing problems.

Tree canopies and underground services created installation challenges

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, this site attracted over 6,000 staff and visitors in FY 20-21. With many shift workers and night time visitors, it was essential for ANSTO that people walking to and around the car parks were safe and felt secure. The lack of compliant solar car park lighting created an unappealing environment and also increased the potential of collisions.

The tree canopies and underground services at the site posed potential economic and technical obstacle to the installation of new lighting.

ANSTO worked with Leadsun lighting consultant to design ideal solution

A detailed site survey allowed ANSTO and Leadsun’s experienced lighting consultant to develop lighting solutions for the three car parks taking all factors into account. Measures were taken by ANSTO to provide the required sun exposure needed for the solar car park lights and the adaptable autonomous off-grid lights easily avoided underground services.

The project was installed in just two weeks with the EZYlift lowerable hinged poles making installation and servicing and breeze.


  • AE6 Solar Engines
  • Solar Module Size = 768Wh 130W + 1536Wh 260W
  • LED output = 10W Luminaires (1500Lm)
  • Lithium-ion batteries
  • P Category Lighting Compliance = PC3

Optimum lighting provides safety and positive visitor experience

The well-designed lighting and layout provide a high level of illumination uniformity required for ANSTO’s the large car parks. Staff, visitors and shift workers can now safely and securely walk to their car, and find them without fuss.

Cost saving, speedy installation and perfect illumination

  1. High standard compliant lighting perfectly illuminates the three car parks where previous there was none.
  2. Cost effective and reliable off-grid solution, quickly delivered
  3. ANSTO great savings compared to disruptive, costly and time-consuming alternative of electric grid lighting.
  4. High annual power and maintenance costs of grid powered lighting avoided.

Very happy with the whole process of installing Solar Lights by Leadsun

They had the solutions to our difficult areas to light up our car parks that are used for shift work

The design through to completion was professional and results speak for themselves

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