Leppington Temporary Car Park

Leppington Temporary Car Park Lighting


Camden Council, NSW

Lighting Compliance

AS/NZS 1158.3.1 PC2 (P11B)

Project Overview

As part of the NSW Government’s Commuter Car Park Program, Camden Council is constructing a 1,000 space, multi-story commuter car park to cater for increased traffic at the Leppington Train Station. To bridge the gap and relieve parking demand, a temporary 250 space car park was constructed opposite the station, however council required a temporary lighting solution that was fast and easy to install and complied with lighting standards required for vehicle application. 

Leadsun Solution

  • 16 x AE6130 solar engines
  • 32 x LRSM 30w
  • 16 x Twin Arm EZY TILT Poles
  • P Category Lighting Compliance = PC2
  • Adaptive lighting control runing for 3 hours from dusk, then 30% til dawn
  • Lithium-ion batteries providing 10+ years maintenance-free life span

Leadsun’s solution was to use the easy to install AE6 Solar Engines with Plug & Play LED fixture, coupled with the EZYtilt lowerable poles & concrete-less footing’s, to allow the project team to successfully install the entire solar lighting solution from ‘start-to-finish’ in an incredibly fast turn around time of just 3 days.

This was achieved because this project required:

  • NO power works requiring timely planning & specification compliance
  • NO expensive underground trenching or wiring
  • NO need for any machinery to lift poles or work at heights

Leadsun’s ultra-efficient LED lighting system provides continuous dusk to dawn using SMART EYE Motion Sensors to achieve compliance to lighting standards during peak activity times of the evening.

“The temporary car park is another step forward in the process to deliver up to 1,000 additional permanent parking spaces for customers at Leppington Station as part of the NSW Government’s commuter car park program. It will offset the car parking spaces that will be unavailable during the construction of the new multi-story car park.”

Peter Sidgreaves, the Liberal MP for Camden.

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