Kuranda town center lighting

Kuranda Queensland - Town center lighting


Mareeba Shire Council

Lighting Compliance

AS/NZS 1158.3.1 P3/P4

Project Overview

Kuranda is a mountain village near Cairns in the North of Queensland that attracts thousands of tourists due to its markets and proximity to world heritage areas. The towns lights were in desperate need of upgrading, however after looking at reinstalling traditional powered lighting, council found it was far to expensive to rejuvenate and keep maintaining moving forward. They needed a better solution.

The Mareeba Shire Council also needed to consider that the new lighting solution must be robust enough to withstand high wind and volatile weather as Kuranda sits within a cyclonic region. Added to this they also wanted the flexibility to attach CCTV technology to the power source for town security, so the solar engine had to take into account powering up extra devices down the track. 

Leadsun Solution

  • 10 x AE6S260 Series stand-alone solar lights
  • LSRM 30W LED Maximum output power (Dusk to Dawn operation)
  • Lithium-ion batteries provide 10+ years life span
  • Lowerable poles allow cost-effective servicing safely from ground level
  • Future-proofed with built-in wireless control and monitoring system

The AE6 Solar Engines were chosen for this project as they are robust enough to withstand the extreme weather conditions of far North Queensland and have the power capacity to comply with road standards for this project. Added to this they have enough backup power to run additional CCTV units if required.

As for all projects Leadsun undertakes, our experience lighting designers provided a complimentary lighting plan for this job which included lighting up a busy pedestrian crossing, a roundabout intersection and the entrance to the very popular visitor center.   

The Mareeba Shire Council is extremely happy with the outcome for the town of Kurandra, as the project came in under budget and has had no maintenance issues for over 2 years. Added to this the lights cost nothing to run on a daily basis and position the town as an environmentally friendly destination for the tourism trade. 

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