Knox Retirement Village

Stockland install FREEDOM smart grid-free lights and enhance the appeal of retirement village


Stockland Communities

Lighting Compliance

AS/NZS 1158.3.1 PP4

Greater prestige, prominence and a more inviting entrance required

Stockland recognised that although Knox Retirement Village is in a prominent location,opposite the entrance/exit road to Knox Shopping Centre, the street lighting along the entrance roads was inadequate.

Sub-optimum occupancy rates and sense-of-security concerns

The village was not taking maximum advantage of its excellent location and subsequently occupancy rates are lower than desirable.

The sub-optimum level of street lighting also affected the sense of security and diminished the appeal of using outdoor amenities after-dark. This was further exacerbated by the lack of effective security cameras at the village.

FREEDOM street lights improve village prominence and evening-friendliness

The improved illumination from the new FREEDOM streetlights increased the conspicuity and perceived prestige of the village therefore, enticing more interest and increased occupancy levels. 

They also create a more secure and inviting environment that’s appreciated by the residents and their relatives. In addition, new security cameras act as a deterrent to antisocial and criminal behaviours, provide peace of mind to the residents and can be a source of video evidence should it be required.

Non-disruptive installation of stylish black lighting systems with wireless control

• Stylish black lighting systems on tapered poles improve the appeal and prestige of the high-quality village.

• Ezylift hinged poles allow for quick installation and make maintenance a breeze.

• Grid-free solar streetlights required no underground services and were installed, without fuss, exactly where required.

• FREEDOM’s solar panels and batteries provide four nights’ lighting autonomy ensuring illumination even during Melbourne’s cloudy winters.

• The grid-free solar powered streetlights and cameras incur no ongoing energy bills or carbon emissions.

• Lighting levels to AS1158.3.1 local-road standard.

Enhanced prestige and peace-of-mind with improved security

• Stockland installation of Leadsun FREEDOM smart solar streetlights and CCTV cameras improved prominence of the site and enhanced its prestige.

• Digital cameras continually capture and store video images of the entrance road proving footage should an incident occur.

• Accessible through a web browser, EDGE provides remote wireless control of the lighting levels and timings; plus real-time monitoring of solar generation performance and battery charge level. With the secure login credentials, Stockland can easily check lighting performance at anytime.

• Fully programmable smart lights with PIR motion sensors, provide automatic adaptive lighting levels i.e. the lights are programmed to increase in brightness for a few minutes whenever movement is detected. This avoid unnecessary obtrusive light, adds an additional level of security and increases battery autonomy.

Leadsun System

• FREEDOM Smart solar street lights

• EDGE web-based wireless monitoring and control

• Solar Module size 55W

• LED output 6W

• Lithium-ion batteries 460W

• Metro tapered poles with EZYlift hinged lowerable

Delivery was good

Happy with the product

Delivery from the Leadsun Team was great

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