Epperson Estate Bay in Tampa Florida, USA

Epperson Estate in Tampa Bay Florida, USA


Metro Development Group

Lighting Compliance

AS/NZS 1158.3.1 P3

Project Overview

After nearly 2 years of testing over a dozen different solar street lighting manufacturers, Metro Development Group chose Leadsun’s SMART solar lights to illuminate the streets of one of the largest technologically advanced property developments in the United States. With nearly 2,600 lights already installed the project will see 10,000 Leadsun solar street lights installed over the next few years.

Leadsun SMART solar lights - the perfect fit

This unique master-planned estate in Tampa Bay, Florida is the first SMART connected city in the United States. With an infrastructure built on an extremely fast internet, it is positioned to be one of the most advanced cities of the 21st Century. With an advanced battery management system and wireless remote lighting control, Leadsun’s SMART solar street lights were the perfect fit for this technologically advanced project.



After more than three years of development in Melbourne, Leadsun designed an entirely off-grid solution that included adaptive sensors, wireless asset management and control. This new grid-free street lighting technology has full wireless connectivity capabilities, DARK SKY compliance, and is future-proofed to power smart city devices such CCTV, public Wi-Fi access points, and more.

Built to withstand extreme weather conditions

Due to Florida sitting within the hurricane corridor, another challenge faced for this project are the extreme weather conditions that could influence the autonomy of the energy systems. With this in mind, Leadsun made an exhaustive analysis of the off-grid solution and tailored a robust lighting system that was build to withstand the extreme weather without compromising the aesthetics or technology of the product.

Leadsun Products Used

P Category lighting compliance – AS/NZS 1158.3.1 P3 

Number of lights – 2,500+ 

Solar module series – AE3 

Solar size – 80W 

LED output programming – 30W LED dusk till dawn 

Pole footing type – Direct burial 

Pole type – Fixed, non-lowerable 

Additional solutions – N/A 

Is this the way of the future? I would say the future is here today. If folks are not going down the path of looking at having off-grid SMART solar street lights I think they are behind by two or three years. This is what our planet needs and it’s phenomenal technology – Metro Development Group operations vice-president Kartik Goyani

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