Berwick Skate Park

Buchanan Park - Berwick Skate Park Lighting


City of Casey

Lighting Compliance

AS/NZS 1158.3.1 P1

Project Overview

With the population rising quickly within the City of Casey, most public spaces and community assets have seen a huge spike in popularity. The Berwick Skate Park within Buchanan Park is one of these hot spots and the council identified the requirement of a lighting solution that would extend the hours of use for this asset while at the same time creating an inviting and safe environment for the locals.

The skate park was not only highly used during the day, it was also very popular in the evenings. Together with this, council also identified that with the nearby barbecue and playground facilities so close, adding more lighting would also create a more inviting environment for the whole family to enjoy. With this brief, Leadsun were contracted to create a system that would light up the entire area without too much light spill to nearby local residences.

Leadsun Solution

As this area required higher than average illumination levels for open space environments, Leadsun designed a system to comply with standards using a luminaire with asymmetric light distribution from each stand alone solar engine. This, combined with 22.5KLm of illumination through the skate park, also spilled light onto the nearby barbecue and playground facilities. While the surrounding park space is subjected to some spill of light, council was more than happy with the result as no excessive light affected any of the neighboring residents.

With all systems using our EZYPole lowerable poles council were extremely happy as there is simple ground access for any required maintenance which cuts council costs considerably. More costs were also saved as there are no ongoing power bills for ratepayers to cover.   

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