Banjo Patterson Reserve

Banjo Paterson Reserve, Lynbrook


City of Casey

Lighting Compliance

AS/NZS 1158.3.1 PP3 & PP5 (DIM)

Project Overview

The City of Casey identified that the very popular Banjo Paterson Reserve in Lynbrook required a lighting solution to create a safe family environment that would allow the local community to enjoy this picturesque parkland, which included a beautiful boardwalk through a natural wetlands area.

Along with the new boardwalk lighting through the wetlands, lighting was also required for the 1km of pathways that surrounds the reserve and for a recreational basketball court positioned in the centre. As Banjo Paterson Reserve is close to residential properties the council required a solution that had adaptable lighting controls to allow the light to dim down at preset times of the evening so there was no light spill into homes at night.

Leadsun Solution

  • 49 Solar Engines. A mix of AE3 & AE6 units
  • Solar Module Size = 55W and 130W
  • 54 lights – LED output = 10W & 30W LED
  • Adaptive lighting control automatically dims lights to 20% during inactivity
  • Lithium-ion batteries provide 10+ years maintenance-free life span
  • EDGE Wireless Control System installed for remote monitoring and configuring the complete lighting network.
  • Preset Lighting Program – DIM Mode (20%) till dawn. Full brightness for 30 seconds on the detection of movement.

As a standard complimentary service, a lighting design was created which included strategic pole placement in accordance with AS/NZS 1158.3.1 public lighting compliance standards. Due to a high amount of tree foliage throughout the parkland, considerations needed to be made for areas that had some sunlight blockage. The solution for these areas was a master/slave arrangement where solar engines remotely feed power (by DC cable in a shallow trench) to a stand-alone LED light in a required location. Additional AE6 solar engines with high watt LED lights were used for the increased illumination required around the basketball court.

All lights are connected to the EDGE Wireless Control System that allows remote monitoring and configuring of the complete lighting network. This allows the council to control the full brightness light levels in high use times, and then preset the DIM mode at 20% in low use times until dawn. EDGE Wireless Control System also provides continuous health check updates of each system, as well as individual/group time-stamped lighting control.

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