Austin Hospital COVID Vaccine Site

In under 24 hours, and with short notice, Leadsun deploys solar lights at a critical facility


Austin Hospital

Lighting Compliance

AS/NZS 1158.3.1 PP4

Vaccination centre urgently required lights for pedestrian safety

Austin Health recognised for its high quality, safe and person-centred care urgently needed lighting to provide safe and secure access along a footpath from Latrobe University car park to Latrobe COVID Vaccination Clinic. The public health emergency and the site’s Heritage Listing required a solution to provide the desired lighting levels that could be rapidly installed, easily removed and will leave the site undamaged. 

Heritage listed, shaded areas and temporary installation

Time was of the essence and the Clinic location was strategically chosen, from the limited suitable site options, by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). Although the vaccine clinic was urgently required, opening was not allowed until mandatory lighting levels were provided, due to concerns for public safety. With only 48 hours until the due opening time Leadsun, were engaged and in fact, completed installation in under 24 hours.

The temporary nature of the facility and the heritage listing of the site meant that a permanent installation was not allowed. Furthermore, the clinic’s exit doorway into a dark yard, with limited sunlight due to building shadows, posed an additional challenge.

Grid-Free solution with wireless control installed in 24 hours

Fifteen precisely positioned AE3 smart solar lights on concrete blocks, effortlessly provide the required illumination along the pathway, whilst also ensuring sufficient solar exposure. The dark courtyard is cleverly illuminated with three luminaires powered by a Master Panel on a nearby light pole.

Leadsun’s EDGE – wireless monitoring and control system, allows the facility to easily control the lights, and adjust timings & brightness levels, from a web browser.

Leadsun Solution

  • AE3 Solar Engines
  • Solar Module Size = 55W
  • LED output = 10W
  • Concrete block temporary footing
  • AE6 to drive Slave Luminaires at exit area
  • EDGE wireless Lighting Control

No delay opening facility and heritage protected

From previous experience with Austin Hospital’s Heidelberg COVID testing and Vaccine site, our team swiftly configured a similar solution to provide the required lighting for pedestrians’ safety and security. This allowed the facility to open on time and conduct its invaluable service protecting the community from Covid 19 disease.

Leadsun’s engineered solution left the heritage site totally unaffected.

Quick installation, reusable lights, saved time and money

• Installation of the lights in less that 24 hours enabled Austin Hospital to open their vaccination facilities on time and safely operate during hours of darkness.

• The temporary installation allows for the luminaires to be utilised in a permanent position in another locations such as their gardens or car parks once the vaccine facility closes.

• The immediate and lifetime costs of Leadsun’s durable smarts solar lights will be significantly lower than traditional grid connected lights.

The efficient and smart installation, done at short notice during lockdown, was very well received.

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