Tormore Recreation Reserve solar lighting

$80,000 grant opportunity for solar
lighting projects

Local community groups in Melbourne’s south-east have been afforded the opportunity to enhance the accessibility, appeal and safety of their outdoor facilities.

Concerned about the impact that the construction of the Suburban Rail Loop (SRL) may have on your  community? The Victorian Government’s SRL Community Project Fund affords communities the  opportunity to enhance community connectivity and safety in the face of continuing development.  

Studies have indicated that 50% of those who identify as female feel unsafe in poorly lit or unlit  public spaces after dark and qualitative research has also suggested that people, particularly women  and other marginalized groups, feel much safer in public outdoor spaces with sufficient lighting.  

At Leadsun, we pride ourselves in working with local groups and communities to provide  environmentally conscious and safety-enhancing solar outdoor lighting, and we hope that with the  introduction of the SRL Community Project Fund, we can continue to improve the safety of people  across Australia.  

What is the Suburban Rail Loop (SRL) Community Project Fund? 

The $250 million Suburban Rail Loop (SRL) Community Projects Fund has been established to  support and enhance healthy, safe, and sustainable communities and localities in the SRL East  Precincts. These encompass the proposed stations of Cheltenham, Clayton, Monash, Glen Waverley,  Burwood and Box Hill, in addition to areas in the surface infrastructure of the SRL East. Local  community groups in the aforementioned areas can apply for grants valued between $10,000 and  $80,000 for exciting new initiatives and projects.  

Applications for the grant close at 11:59pm on the 26th of May 2022.  

For more details about the SRL Community Project Fund visit:

Why choose Leadsun SMART solar lighting

Leadsun’s SMART solar public lighting is an excellent long-term investment. In addition to solar
lighting’s numerous environmental benefits, solar lighting is also quick and easy to install. As solar
lighting doesn’t require wiring or access to the traditional electrical grid, installation, energy and 
maintenance costs remain relatively low. An additional benefit of being ‘off-the-grid’ is that SMART
solar public lighting stays on during blackouts and brownouts, allowing safety to remain a priority
during these events.

Leadsun have partnered with over 100 local councils and community groups to provide public solar
lighting solutions for outdoor applications such as playgrounds, residential streets, outdoor gyms,
walkways and shared pathways. These lighting solutions have elicited overwhelmingly positive
responses from the community, and serves as a testament to the technical expertise,
uncompromised product quality and applied experience offered by Leadsun.


How are solar public lighting upgrades applicable to the
SRL Community 

Safety is paramount when maintaining a healthy, connected and cohesive community. For grant
proposals involving the development or upgrade of facilities, introducing SMART solar public lighting
is a wonderful way to enhance the appeal, safety and accessibility of projects relevant to the SRL
Community Fund. When considering grant priorities, ‘Health and Wellbeing’, ‘Environment’ and
‘Innovation’ are priorities that can be further enhanced by including Leadsun’s SMART Solar Lighting
in your project.

Meeting grant priorities

  • Health and Wellbeing: As lighting enriches comfort and spaces in outdoor areas, members of
    the community feel encouraged to go outside, get some exercise and connect with other
    members of the community, thereby improving the physical and mental health and
    wellbeing of a local community.
  • Environment: When compared to traditional electrical lighting, solar lighting’s
    environmental advantages have been well-documented in scientific literature. Additionally,
    Leadsun’s light technology also ensures minimal light pollution in the environment.
  • Innovation: Leadsun are global market leaders in revolutionary smart public lighting
    solutions, which you can learn more about on this page:


How Leadsun can assist with your grant application

We are more than happy to assist those hoping to obtain a grant. Application items required in the
grant proposal process that we can assist with include, but are not limited to:

  • A budget summary for the lighting installation/upgrade (including all relevant quotes for
    installation/upgrade and required materials).
  • A description of how the project will improve community connectedness and cohesiveness.
  • A description of how the project will fulfill a community need.

For information on how to apply for the grant and the documents and certificates needed for
application, visit:

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