4 Places You Can Use Solar Street Lights

Solar street lights are well suited to streets and roads, that much goes without saying. But where else can councils and corporations make use of this environmentally friendly, cost-effective technology? 

Read on to discover four places you can use solar street lights, complete with successful cases where they’ve worked for our clients. 

#1: Solar Street Lights For Shopping Centres

Solar street lights are the perfect fit for shopping centres and other high-pedestrian areas. Their autonomous lighting systems can adjust to suit the level of traffic, and ensure that locals feel secure and safe at all times. Take the Well Street Car Park in Brighton, for example. This commercial hub had installed a new car park which necessitated the upgrading of their lighting systems as well. The system that was in place before Leadsun stopped by didn’t provide enough light to perform effective surveillance, resulting in a limited sense of safety for community members. By installing 15 of our AE3 and AE6 Smart solar street lights, complete with our EDGE wireless control and monitoring technology, Leadsun has enabled Brighton City Council to control the brightness and attractiveness of the car park and its surroundings. All this with next to no impact on local foliage!

#2: Solar Street Lights For Parks

Solar street lights are suitable for recreation reserves of all kinds, whether they be dog parks, exercise parks, or wetlands. The Berwick SkatePark benefitted from the installation of solar street lights after the City of Casey’s population was observed to be skyrocketing. As a local hive of activity, the council determined that lighting upgrades would be required to ensure that the skate park (which is part of the larger Buchanan Park) could be used for longer periods of time. It was essential that the skate park retain a safe atmosphere and one that would welcome locals so that it could see maximum use from community members. With nearby playground facilities for younger children and a barbecue area for families, Casey City Council figured that lighting this whole area could magnify the use of the park by locals and develop a warm, welcoming community area. Leadsun developed a lighting system that relied on five solar engines, offering illumination to the entire skate, playground, and barbecue area while limiting spillage onto neighbouring residents. Everyone won, not least because the grid-free lights meant that power bills were no longer passed on to the ratepayers!

#3: Solar Street Lights For Retirement Villages

Leadsun has installed solar street lights at a number of assisted living communities, including Meadowvale Retirement Village in Pakenham, Victoria. After experiencing repeated electrical interruptions over a period of many years, Lendlease (Meadowvale’s parent company) was fed up with having to spend time and money on endless repairs to the lighting system that illuminated their streets and paths. In pursuit of a solution that would rectify their problem once and for all, they turned to Leadsun. A huge factor in their decision-making was the discovery that the underground wiring that they had relied on for years was in need of a comprehensive replacement. To do so would have proven hugely disruptive to their residents and local wildlife, not to mention the fact that the works would be prohibitively expensive. Leadsun’s solar street lights offered a grid-free solution, consisting of 118 autonomously controlled light fittings, whose installation required no destruction to the environment.

#4: Solar Streets Lights For Jetties

You might think that solar street lights are only applicable to paved roadways and parks, but this is far from the case. Solar street lights have applications in coastal areas too – take the Tooradin Jetty, for example. Leadsun were called upon by the City of Casey in July 2012 to design a plan for the replacement of six old, ineffective solar lights that lined the jetty. Despite only having been in operation for six years, these early generation lights were developing reliability and safety issues, due to their use of outdated acid-based batteries. The batteries were located at the bottom of the existing lighting poles, and replacing these all together would be costly. Instead, our team engineered our AE6 Series solar lights so that they could be fitted to the poles that were already there. This way, the council could avoid the installation of any new poles. With a combination of lithium batteries and LED lighting, at the top of the poles, Leadsun provided Tooradin Jetty with a reliable, long-term fix that would keep the pier lit up for years to come, at a minimal cost. 

Leadsun Solar Street Lights Australia

This hardly scratches the surface of the places that can be improved with the addition of solar street lights! Leadsun has completed solar street light installations as far away as Papua New Guinea and the United States, and there is no limit to this robust new technology’s applications. 

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