4 Benefits of Solar Street Lights Around Shopping Centres

Solar Street Lights Around Shopping Centres

4 Benefits of Solar Street Lights Around Shopping Centres

Solar street lights are the future of neighbourhood illumination. They aren’t only useful for lighting up roads, though. They are also perfect for lighting the areas around shopping centres. Solar street lights are especially handy in shopping centre car parks.

Solar street lights can provide heaps of benefits around shopping centres. These include improved security and a better evening vibe. There are also financial benefits to centre operators and an increase in sustainability. Overall, solar street lights can improve the well-being of an entire neighbourhood. 

Read on to find out all about these four benefits of solar street lights around shopping centres.

1. Solar Street Lights Improve Security

Traditional car park lighting is often unfit for purpose. Lights tend to be in an array that is cost-effective while also conforming to the need for in-ground wiring. While this might save the operators a few bucks, it means that there isn’t enough light around. This causes security concerns on several different levels. 

First, it makes it difficult for drivers to see and navigate around objects and obstacles. This can lead to accidents and property damage, and consequent customer dissatisfaction.

Next, a lack of adequate light creates an environment where pedestrians feel unsafe. The cover of darkness leaves open the possibility for any number of crimes to occur. In one troubling statistic, 50% of Australian women don’t feel safe walking at night. Having inadequate lighting in shopping centre car parks does not help this.

Last, limited light in carparks means closed-circuit TV cameras have trouble operating. This means that if an accident or incident does occur, it is less likely that it will come to a resolution. 

Solar street lights can ease all these security concerns. Thanks to their cost effectiveness, centre operators don’t need to scrimp on light. They can provide adequate illumination that generates a welcoming, secure environment.

2. Solar Street Lights Improve Evening Environments

This benefit comes, in part, due to the security improvements. People are much more likely to spend time in a place where they feel safe. 

Security aside, solar street lights mean that shopping centres can stay open longer. Extended hours lead to an increase in community satisfaction. People tend to attract people. The increased traffic can turn a once-dormant shopping centre into a neighbourhood hotspot. This can lead to gains for everyone involved in the operation of a shopping centre.

You may assume that too much light can push the experience in the opposite direction. Over-illumination is a very real issue and can contribute to a negative experience. It is also a huge risk factor for light pollution. Leadsun designed solar street lights to avoid this exact issue. Our solar street lights are Dark Sky compliant. They produce zero upward light and only throw light where it’s needed. These make for nuanced illumination and a pleasant experience for all involved – wildlife included.

3. Solar Street Lights Are Cost-Effective

Leadsun’s intelligent solar car park lighting can save shopping centre operators huge amounts. Traditional lighting installation relies on in-ground cabling and large, expensive work crews. Not so with Leadsun solar street lights. We install our solar street lights with an EZYpole concreteless footing system. All we need is two tradies and a ute. Next thing you know, you have reliable, energy-efficient car park lighting.

Because solar street lights don’t rely on the power grid, you save a packet there as well. These lights power themselves, charging during daylight hours and operating at night. This is renewable energy in action. Once you’ve paid for installation, the only ongoing cost is maintenance. 

Even at night, our innovative batteries use a sophisticated algorithm to optimise efficiency. They also use passive infrared sensors to determine when pedestrians are nearby. When they aren’t, Leadsun solar street lights will dim to 20 to 30% light output. When they sense a pedestrian, they will return to 100% brightness. This ensures user satisfaction while also saving on energy. Leadsun solar street lights will never leave you in the dark.

4. Solar Street Lights Are Sustainable

Traditional street lights are a sustainability disaster. Traditional street light system designs have been the same since the nineteenth century. They rely on the power grid and contribute to carbon emissions. The 2.3 million street lights in Australia are the largest source of emissions for councils. 

Solar street lights are off-grid. They produce and use their own renewable energy. Australia should transition from traditional to solar street lights nationwide. It would have an enormous impact on our carbon budget.

Solar Street Lights Improve Community Wellbeing

Taking into account all the benefits listed above, it is easy to see that solar street lights are a wise choice. Using them can improve security, community engagement, finances, and the environment. If you have a project that requires solar street lights, get in touch with the team at Leadsun today. Contact us now