4 Advantages To Leadsun’s Solar Street Lights

Since Leadsun began operating in 2005, we are proud to have accumulated a huge amount of knowledge related to the development and deployment of solar street lighting systems. Our research has progressed by way of hundreds and hundreds (if not thousands!) of projects all over the world, and this process has made us one of the top producers of public lighting on the planet. Take any other lighting developer and compare their products to ours – you will find that our solar street lighting will prove as good if not better than anything you can put it up against. All of this without ever having to draw power from a grid! 

Read on to discover four of the technological advantages that Leadsun has produced which make us top of the solar street lighting class. You will find that our superior battery life, wireless control, and motion-sensing far exceed anything else available on the market. 

Solar Street Lights With 10 Years of Battery Performance

This is one of the developments we are most proud of. While lithium batteries are relatively efficient in their own right, we have patented a battery management system that effectively doubles their efficiency and life expectancy. Leadsun can offer 10 years of high-performance thanks to our LiFePO4 dual battery system. Composed of top-range electrical components and pieced together by expert technical service providers, our batteries are built to withstand high temperatures as well as extreme cold. By efficiently modulating charge and discharge cycles, Leadsun’s LiFePO4 batteries give you more light for much longer. 

EDGE For Solar Street Light Wireless Control & Monitoring 

One of the biggest sticking points that councils find with street lighting is the difficulty of monitoring and managing their systems. EDGE makes this incredibly simple and cost-effective by providing a hub through which you can control and monitor the solar status and battery of your solar street lights. EDGE is a wireless system that connects to Leadsun’s Internet of Things. By employing 4G services, secure servers, and wireless node lights, this LoRaWAN solar street lighting system offers users the ability to access their projects from any place in the world that they find themselves. By doing so, users can ensure that their solar street lighting is performing at optimum effectiveness, the LEDs are achieving ideal power output, and the solar module is being charged correctly. Gone are the days of complicated, cabled systems for monitoring street lighting. Lights can be controlled individually or in groups so that your lighting is always achieving your needs and the needs of your pedestrians and motorists. 

Solar Street Lights With A  Smart Eye PIR Motion Sensor

Leadsun solar street lights are SMART in more ways than one. Take this component of our lighting technology: the SMART EYE. By building a passive infrared motion sensor into our lighting modules, we have developed solar street lighting which is aware of the presence of people and vehicles. When a Leadsun light’s SMART EYE detects a pedestrian or motorist in its zone of perception, the light will automatically adapt to provide optimum lighting to the subject for an adjustable period e.g. 30 seconds. By brightening and dimming in this way, Leadsun lights make significant gains in cost-effectiveness and technical lifespan. What’s more, they provide huge safety benefits – the SMART EYE allows for both active and passive surveillance, aiding security staff and the general public.  

Leadsun’s 3000K Solar Street Lights Are Dark Sky Compliant

Leadsun is proud to have invested in technical innovations that improve our products’ effectiveness and practicality. We are just as proud to have developed technologies that produce environmental benefits. Our lights are avaialable with a  colour temperature of 3000K, which allows us to ensure that light pollution is kept to an absolute minimum. Conventional street lights can cause horrible amounts of light pollution, preventing citizens from being able to see the beautiful night sky. Leadsun aims to reduce this as much as possible. Our LED fixtures limit glare with their sharp cut-off optics at the street light’s front and rear. Specific systems are DARK SKY compliant and benefits the community by reducing the amount of light that intrudes on people’s homes and offices.

Solar Street Lights Australia

If you’re interested in using the best solar street lights Australia has to offer, get in touch. Contact us to learn more about Leadsun solar street lights and start brightening your community today!