“LEADSUN unlocks the extraordinary potential of Off-Grid Intelligent Solar Power, accelerating the global transformation to a Smarter, Sustainable and Safer future powered by the sun.”


Established in 2005, LEADSUN was ambitiously founded by Matt Pollard to transform our world, by developing a new generation of solar-powered lighting systems.


With well over 25 patents, and an innovative NPD programme, LEADSUN is pioneering ‘All-In-One’ intelligent, autonomous and wireless lighting technologies.


Our Application Engineers are the primary technical resource for the field sales force, and are responsible for actively driving and managing the technology evaluation stage of the sales process.


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LEADSUN distributes its products through a select network of Electrical Wholesalers covering all of Australia.

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AE2 Product Range

The AE2 series is the worlds very first and Leadsun’s 3rd generation ‘All in One’ solar lighting system that has been designed to offer extremely cost-effective illumination for a wide range of small to medium sized applications.

AE3 Product Range

Introducing Leadsun’s latest AE3 series which retains the ‘All-In-One’ features of the AE2 range but technologically advanced providing a more powerful system on a larger scale.

AE6 Product Range

With its light weight and powerful Lithium Iron batteries conveniently located under the solar panel, the AE6 series is extremely versatile for a wide range of lighting and power applications as both solar panel and light head can be positioned…